The best thing I ate in Sydney?

Twice cooked pork at Maleny Manor, Qld ,Thanks Eatori

Technical details aside (Maleny being in the Queensland hinterland, not Sydney), this counts as one of the best things I ate down under. It could have been because of the way the pork gently splayed across a fork when you plundered it; the perfect balance of fat to flavour. It could have been because of the sweet and piquant sauce that came with it. Or it could have been because of what was on the table right before it arrived. Wedding food is hard to get right. You want it to appeal to a multitude of tastes. You want it to be forgiving for the kitchen to prep and plate. And you don’t want it to upstage the real stars of the day.  In this instance, the bonbonierrie that was placed on each of the plates at the start of the meal was the sweetest reminder of some of the best attributes of the couple in question. Both the bride and groom have a ferocious sense of social justice; so instead of sugared almonds, chocolates, or picture frames, on each place there was a piece of card.

Every guest at the wedding had been bought a present from Oxfam Unwrapped. Mine was a bag of seeds, to be stored in a seed bank in developing communities for harder times, or sown to grow crops to eat or sell.  After reading that;  everything tastes spectacular (though I promise, the pork belly was very, very good)

This blog is home to the stories of a Sydney born food writer, Victoria (Tori) Haschka. It’s the story of The Hungry One (the husband) and our mutual search for the best ways to eat, drink and be merry.

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