Springtime Wedding In Queensland

A springtime wedding in Queensland brings cooler temperatures and longer days. It is also the most popular season for weddings because of the abundant supply of flower options for your wedding blooms. To assist with all things wedding florals, we spoke to Terrianne from Mondo Floral Designs on floral seasonality.  

It can often be a very confusing adventure navigating your way through the information on what flowers are available for your wedding day, and you certainly wouldn’t be the first bride-to-be to assume that your absolute favourite bloom MUST be available for your wedding day, because let’s face it each and every wedding magazine that you buy features it on the front cover!

However depending on what date you have chosen to say ‘I Do’ available wedding blooms generally change for each month. More times than not a wedding date is in place and it can be overwhelming and often a little upsetting for brides-to-be to find out that their dream wedding flower isn’t going to be available. It’s important to do a little research before getting your heart set on certain wedding flowers, and talking to your floral designer is by far the best way to access accurate information on seasonality and available wedding flowers for your day.

So it’s no surprise when clients come to see me and are completely confused by what wedding flowers are available and at what time of the year. The good news is though, there are wonderfully delicious wedding flowers available for each and every season, so regardless of what time of the year you choose to celebrate your love, we can assist you in planning for your Sunshine Coast wedding flowers concept, providing you with accurate knowledge and professional advice, as well as creating a unique floral concept of seasonal blooms for your beautiful day!

Maleny Manor Superstar

Our favourite moment from the wedding day was probably the ceremony. It was such a magical experience, with the hinterland as the backdrop on one side and all our loved ones on the other we couldn’t have imagined it any better.

To all future Maleny Manor couples the best advice is to trust the Maleny Manor Team! There is a reason they have won so many awards. They are experts at what they do! The suppliers they recommend are all amazing as well as tried and tested so let them take the stress from you and do what they do best. It gives you the opportunity to really enjoy the planning and the lead up to the big day.

Marlene, you are amazing. On the day you made us all feel like we were part of the family there. You headed off problems before I even knew about them. You spent time running around and making sure everything was perfect, even adding additional foliage to our chair for photos, all these little things that I would have never even expected and you just did them.

Peta and Amy thank you for being fantastic and helping me out with all our pre wedding questions and queries. My inbox has been feeling a little quiet now that I don’t have emails coming in from you! Amy thank you for everything on the day. You made the night run seamlessly and I’m so glad I had you to help figure out our run sheet beforehand amongst everything else you did.

We will never be able to thank you all enough for everything that you did leading up to the big day and on the day itself!

Every single person who works as part of the Maleny Manor crew is a superstar!

I was serious Marlene when I said I would move in! We want everyone we know to get married there just so we can come back and enjoy it over and over again.

Sending all the love and good vibes you so truly deserve,

Tia and Nick Miles

Above and Beyond

Above and Far Beyond 42 degrees

The wonderful staff of Maleny ManorWe have returned from our wonderful honeymoon in the Whitsundays and are slowly coming down from cloud 9!

When we booked Maleny Manor for our wedding day, I must say from all the awards and the great testimonials I’ve read, my expectations of you guys were pretty high. I always knew that you guys were going to be good. But the service we received from you all was FAR beyond what we had expected.


If I’m doing this chronologically, it will start with Amy suggesting a run sheet for me. She knew I was conscious of getting the reception started asap which meant I wanted photos over and done with. We went back and forward but she really made it clear that we’d regret not having photos taken at sunset. I am terrified at the thought of if I hadn’t listened to her! The photos we have from sunset are INCREDIBLE. I will show anyone willing to look at them (some attached haha!!!)

Now the day was, well, WARM! 42 degrees was not what we were expecting for a November wedding (particularly for bunch of Kiwi’s!). The staff were amazing with cold towels and more importantly – cold drinks! Many guests commented about how amazing the staff were not letting their beers get warm and how the staff always remembered what each person was drinking.

With the meals, only a couple of special dietary requirements. Both of them had their meals delivered to them and were greeted by name. They were amazed at the attention to detail.

My beautiful 93yr old Nana stayed outside all evening, looking ever so luxurious on the couch that you had lugged all the way down from the reception. You all kept an eye on her and updated our table during dinner with how she was doing so we wouldn’t have to worry.

Amy was an absolute god send with my dress. Taking so much care and time to pin it up as it kept coming off the bussells. Such a professional and I am so grateful!

Anyway, I could go on forever about how great you all are, but you must get bombarded with emails like this.

Thanks again so much, you all had a huge part in making our day as perfect as it was.

Sheena & Mark Preston

Above and Far Beyond 42 degrees

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