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Hinterland Tourism Sunshine Coast is an Incorporated Association of like minded people engaged in both tourism and business. You one stop shop for your Accommodation and all things Hinterland!
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About Maleny

Officially proclaimed as a town in 1891, Maleny was predominantly a timber town until the 1920’s when the dairy and fruit growing industries took over the town. Now well known for its ‘hippie/greenie culture’ the town of Maleny is populated by a wide demographic of people with artists, musicians and craftspeople, juxtaposed against the more traditional older residents. Located on the Blackall Range, 450 metres above sea level, as you arrive up the hill from Landsborough, the town of Maleny is a rich tapestry of culture and vibrancy.
Originally populated by the Nalbo and Dallambara peoples of the Gubbi gubbi nation, the area was known for its Bunya feasts which happened every third year when the giant Bunya trees of the area were in fruit. According to legend, Aboriginal peoples from far and wide would gather in the area to feast for several weeks on the nuts before journeying down to Brisbane where they would meet for a big Corroborree. When white settlers came in the early l900’s they cut down many of the bunya trees for dairy farming, which deeply upset the local indigenous peoples. Local lore tells the story of how the Aboriginal cried for many weeks at the loss of their sacred food source. Maleny locals host a Bunya festival annually in remembrance of this cultural practice.
Home to the Maleny Dairies, the area still boasts a healthy dairy farming industry though is better known for its artisans, musicians and is a popular destination for those seeking to experience an alternative lifestyle. The birthplace of the well-known Woodford Folk Festival, it is a town of co-operatives and social justice movements, and is a hive of community activity with something happening almost every weekend somewhere in the town or its surrounds.

Maps to Download

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Driving Maps

Art Gallery Trail.pdf
Blackall Range Driving Map.pdf
Glasshouse Mountains Driving Map.pdf
Sunshine Coast 2016 Driving Map.pdf

Walking Maps

Walks of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland
Baroon Lookout.pdf
Berganns Walk.pdf
Fig Tree Walk.pdf
Gardners Falls.pdf
Blackall Range Walks Locations.pdf
Linda Garrett.pdf
Mapleton Falls.pdf
Mary Cairncross.pdf
Obi Boardwalk.pdf

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