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Should we just elope?

Every bride will have at least one panicked moment in the wedding process and may wonder if they should have run away together and simply be married, but some couples do actually take that step and decide to elope.

The actual meaning of elope is when two lovers run away together with the intention of getting married. In past history it may have been because of a surprise pregnancy or the parents forbade the match of husband and wife.

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These days, however, when people refer to eloping, they usually mean a planned destination wedding where the only people present are the bride and groom and a couple of witnesses. The witnesses might be provided by us as the wedding venue or one or two of your closest friends.Sometimes it is our photographer from Artography but she hates her writing on a nice new certificate!

Some stay in the Hinterland of Maleny and Montville or by the beach only 20 minutes away at Caloundra or Noosa. Montville Country Cabins is often chosen as a perfect escape for a few a few days in a Hinterland Hideaway and a couples day spa at Spicers Tamarind along with our fine dining, gourmet Maleny Cheese Factory and Colin James Fine Foods for the perfect Gelato a few days to relax ,take in the art trail and just be together. We love winter the best in front of a cozy fire.

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So why elope? If you are tempted by the idea of exchanging your vows in a beautiful pavilion looking out to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and then having a private photo shoot onsite or you want to fly in via chopper over the Glasshouse Mountains see our for and against list below, to help make up your mind.

For Eloping
  • 1. Your wedding day will be very personal and intimate, and will be just about the two of you together, rather than about all the stuff.
  • 2. Expense! saving your wedding costs for your house deposit or an amazing honeymoon of your dreams.
  • 3. The most common reason we find for eloping is the  loss of a close family making it too hard to go through with a big ceremony and large reception without a lot of sadness.Our the gaining of family members (your kids) who may come along even before you ever thought of getting married.
Against Eloping
  • 1. You might regret excluding your family from your wedding celebrations,even if you think it won’t matter at this moment . There are many significant moments during a traditional wedding ceremony, that involves your family coming together as one.Seeing the pride in your fathers face as he takes your arm, or your mums first look at you in your gown.Families only get together on special occasions now and a wedding is considered one of those moments.
  • 2. Family and friends may react badly to your elopement. It is easy to say that it is your wedding and you should please yourself, but it is not going to be a great start to married life if you have distanced yourself from your closest friends. People are sometimes offended of they don’t get an invite to your wedding, or if you arrange a wedding that they can’t go to, especially if they have catered for you at their wedding.
  • 3. You might in the long term regret not having all the trimmings and a larger group to share in your day.
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