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One Tree Hill Maleny Private Paddock

One Tree Hill Maleny is a private Paddock owned by a local Maleny family.

Maleny’s most photographed private paddock, may also be the biggest charity earning paddock in Australia?

It’s use has generated 40k plus and to this day remains a

lifeline to many charities. Contact via your Professional Photographer for entry and read the directions at the base of this post.

The practice of charity means the voluntary giving of help to those in need, as a humanitarian act.

As cold as charity or as warm as love…

When you give, what you love, to your community, simply for the joy of that giving, for all to share, it becomes so much more…

‘The entire Maleny community is my family’ says Mrs Florence Woods. Florence is a long time local resident arriving in Maleny with her husband Frank after marrying in 1965.

Frank has now left us but we get to celebrate Mrs Woods 80th Birthday this July. We will be celebrating a life that is full with busyness, a little bit of cheekiness and a whole lot of what’s fair. Love of a chat, a good cuppa and still able to savour the beauty of kindness and the love of a warm hand baked cake.The Paddock will be closed for one weekend of the year being the last weekend of July 2017.

Frank started the tradition of allowing the now famous “One Tree Hill” on their private farm for wedding photo access approximately 20 years ago.

The farm is in its 100th year with the first Woods family members arriving in 1917.

The allowing of people onto the farm to capture the view, the iconic tree and create everlasting memories started off a way of giving back, with small donations at first, to the Maleny community. Franks family way, was that if you don’t need anymore, then you give it away! Possibly his ancestors coming out of the Irish 1913 potato famine instilled this beautiful gesture deep within him.

Which is very fortunate for Maleny, having now become one of Australia’s most famous wedding regions.10% of Australias weddings happen in the Sunshine Coast.

Over time Frank & Florence had 8 children and 19 Grandchildren and over 20 years there have been thousands of brides and grooms use that sacred spot.

It’s use has generated a staggering 40k plus and to this day remains a lifeline to many charities.

The Woods family has kept not a cent, as it is their tradition to give it all away.

That charitable organisations that have benefited from this gesture are Maleny Solder Memorable Hospital, The Maleny Men’s Shed, The Maleny Show Society, Maleny Centaur Cadets, The local school Chaplains, Senior Citizens plus any in the community suffering tragic circumstances or just in need of a helping hand.

If all that isn’t enough also close to Florence’s heart is Busy Needles and the team of amazing ladies who knit and crochet mittens and socks for the hospital and old peoples home, making rugs for premmie babies and for patients in Brisbane’s Prince Charles palliative care wards. Then there are all the made with love toys for the Salvation Army Christmas appeal.

A simple bush tree perched on the edge of the majestic Glasshouse Mountain view has given so much, to so many.

If you choose to visit, leave only your footprints, love and hope, for all those that come after you.

Choose a professional photographer, who will arrange entry and pay the $50 charitable donation at the address on the gate mate, in the good old fashioned Australian way, you’ll be walking on the cows dining room table… so you may have to dodge your way around all that cows leave behind, for those classic Maleny wedding images that have now become so famous, for years to come.

And please, as you enter, do tip your hat to Frank as a sign of thanks, and stop and ask for his permission to do, so just like his Grandkid’s still do, out of pure respect to one of Maleny’s founding fathers.

The land has always been sacred and how lucky are we that Frank was always willing to share. A tough but fair man, really quite shy and reserved – until it came to something he stood for!

So as you stand there, taking in the breathtaking view, please say a quite word of thanks and show your respect and gratitude to the Woods family, and all those in need, as you celebrate your love and good fortune and all Frank stood for.

I a local am privileged to know the family and we at Maleny Manor personally like to wish Florence a Most Happy 80th Birthday and a huge thank you from the whole wedding Industry.


If it’s too late to make a booking, or that just seems a bit too hard, you can take a lovely picture of One Tree Hill from outside the fence.

You can also get an amazing view and photo of the Glass House Mountains from the nearby and newly renovated Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve , which has the added bonus of a great cafe onsite and beautiful rainforest walk.

Maleny Botanic Gardens and Bird World, which is at the end of Mountain View Road, Maleny, also has fantastic views over the Glass House Mountains, with the added bonus of the beautiful gardens and  bird sanctuary if you are willing to pay the entry fee.



LOCATION: Between 308 & 349 Mountain View Road, Maleny. If visiting Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve drive further down Mountain View Road southwards in the direction of Maleny Botanic Gardens and Bird World; you will see One Tree Hill on your left.

THE RULES: Book your entry ahead of time – phone Mrs Woods 07 5494 2115 (One Tree Hill). Donate $50 (PRIOR to accessing the property) – this donation helps local organisations such as The Men’s Shed, the Maleny Historical Society, Busy Needles, Maleny Senior Citizens, the Naval Cadets and the Maleny Show Society.

*Information correct at the time of publication.



Maleny Manor One Tree Hill

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