Maleny Manor’s Top 20 Moments of 2020

Top 20 Moments of 2020

It is no secret that the wedding industry, like so many other industries, was rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite all of the changing goalposts, regulations, postponements and tissue boxes, Maleny Manor was fortunate to play host to over 60 weddings. 

To end 2020, we wanted to focus on all the incredible moments that happened in 2020 and asked our suppliers to post their #malenymanortop20 moment. Here are some of the gorgeous posts we received, plus some of our own favourites... 

1. Tilly & Ben's English Cottage at the Manor

Tilly & Ben | 11.07.2020

Tilly and Ben's love story isn't one the team at Maleny Manor will be forgetting any time soon. Turns out, it was just as special for Mondo Floral Designs and Lovebird Weddings. We couldn't help but share both posts because, well they're just too beautiful not to! 

"In the midst of Covid-19 this gorgeous couple eloped with their closest family & friends. We had so much fun creating this intimate dining experience in the Pavilion - what a moment captured!⁠" - Lovebird Weddings

Captured by @lukemiddlemissphotography

"R O M A N C E ⁠
Maleny Manor had some pretty special love stories this year, and the year that was supposed be the most popular of the last decade to celebrate love, became the most challenging and difficult for many.⁠
Tilly and Ben lived in the UK and were in Oz pre Covid spending some time with family, then this sneaky pandemic hit and they decided to stay. A large wedding planned to take place in the United Kingdom, transitioned into a wedding for 7 at @malenymanor.⁠
With no corners cut, these two celebrated in style, a statement ceremony structure, a fully styled intimate dinner party complete with an overhead hanging garden and gardenesque florals galore partnered with fine food and beautiful wine.⁠

Congratulations Tilly and Ben ⁠"- Mondo Floral Designs

2. Kristen and Josh's Super Fun Ceremony

Kristen & Josh | 06.11.2020

K&J requested a fun, light-hearted and relaxed ceremony. Right up my alley.
When K first met J, she thought he was a wild carefree 20-year-old... which is exactly what attracted her. His absolute lack of shame and his ability to light up any room with his antics and his goofy grin made for a great time on their wedding day, plus J didn't really mind that he was at the expense of every joke. And boy... there were plenty!
Full belly laughs and happy tears the whole way through. The emotion was at an all-time high and because of this this, I will always remember their wedding ceremony as one of my top moments of 2020!
Thank you so much to Liz from Soda Photography for capturing all of those Special Moments. Seeing these pictures brought every goosebump back to my body ♡" - Brooke Carlyon

Captured by @sodaphotography_

3. Kirsty and Jack's Floral Inspo

kirsty & jack | 28.09.2020

"With a year filled with change and wedding turmoil it's so wonderful to look back on the special moments that this year has produced. ⁠
One of our top 2020 moments at Maleny Manor this year was undoubtedly when our Jack married his Kirsty!!!⁠

These two were so in love...... and Jack was a huge part of the wedding planning journey, the majority of time from OS, and yes this groom had to quarantine to make his own wedding day, and like many of our couples they navigated multiple date changes, decreasing guest numbers, variances in concepts, and an everchanging wedding planning landscape.⁠

J + K we are your biggest fans and it was an honour to see you both say 'I Do' ⁠"- Mondo Floral Designs

Captured by @sodaphotography_

4. Jonathan & Chris' Big Reveal

jonathan & chris | 19.09.2020

Throughout their entire wedding planning process, Jonathan & Chris didn't tell a single person who would be taking who's name. 

In this very special moment, captured by Artography Weddings, Jonathan announced he would be taking Chris' last name. Introducing Mr & Mr Welch!

Captured by @artographyweddings

5. Bentley, The Puppy Who Stole The Show

kate & Nick | 06.09.2020

To say Bentley stole our hearts at Maleny Manor would be an understatement. This 12 week old Labradoodle was one of the best  behaved puppies we've had the joy of cuddling at the Manor. Plus, those chocolate and caramel curls are just a bit too cute!

Bentley was the very proud ring bearer for his mum and dad!

Captured by @lukemiddlemissphotography

6. Sharney & Tony, Who Just Couldn't Wait to Tie The Knot!

SHARNEY & TONY | 17.05.2020

"Wow... hasn't 2020 thrown us come curve balls!?!🥴 We've experienced some pretty crazy times but heading into December and reflecting on the year, I'm also excited to say, I've also had many positives come from it also. If anything, it has made me look at things with a different prospective.
One of the most memorable weddings I was a part of during 'restrictions' was for a couple who decided that being married to their favourite person was all that mattered.
Sharney and Tony had to postpone their wedding and change their date (at least once) but in the end decided to bring their date forward and continue with their closest loved ones (including their gorgeous Mia) for an intimate elopement.
For me, this decision captured the essence of what a wedding really is and the significance of saying those beautiful vows to each other. Throughout their ceremony I remember looking at both of the smiles on their faces and thinking to myself... this is the moment that matters. It's not having 100 guests or a massive band and dance floor (yeah that's a lot of fun too)... but when Sharney and Tony opened their hearts, expressed their love for each other and became husband and wife, I realised all of that extra stuff is just that, it's extra.
The raw emotion, the laughter, the tears, the vows ... this is what makes your ceremony memorable and real." - Brooke Carlyon

Captured by @shutterandlace

7. Married by Jake Returns to Maleny Manor!

katie & linc | 18.06.2020

"In preparation for a greatly anticipated 2021, some personal debrief/reflection on 2020 is in order!!
It was so surreal, after months of postponements, cancelations and back-yard elopements, to be back at one of Australia’s great wedding venues on the 18th of June.
I was pretty emotional in the car park to be honest... then when I saw Lachie re-stocking the bar I nearly lost it!!
Had a bit of a joke assuming the foetal position to cope with COVID... (but there was a little truth to it, rocking back and forth for a minute kind of helped... it had been a tough few months!😅)
Walking down to the super scaled back but really beautiful set up (@mondofloraldesigns 👌🏼)
And then marrying two people who know their way around the wedding industry and ended up having to get married right in the middle of 2020... but in a really unique and special way, it was kind of perfect for them.
And then puppies... (@percyandnora )because puppies are sent from heaven to make everyone happier!!
All captured by friends of the bride, the groom, the venue and I @tayandfrancis
Twas a good day for the soul!"- Married by Jake 

Captured by @tayandfrancis

8. Kate & Dane's First Kiss

kate & DANE | 29.08.2020

"T H E K I S S 💋 Pretty safe to say these guys nailed it!
Celebrating with these two, and their friends and family, was another favourite moment from @malenymanor this year. Through the ups and downs of 2020, these two held firm to their August date, and luckily for us, their wedding ticked all the requirements for a Covid-safe event so we were able to forge ahead as originally planned.
After such a hectic year, this kiss was possibly the sweetest they've shared." - Beth, I Heart Ceremonies

Captured by @cloudcatcherstudio

9. Our First Dancefloor

tahlia & joshua | 18.10.2020

Throughout all of the regulation changes, arguably one of the hardest was the dancefloor ruling. When you gather a group of family and friends who are all bubbling with excitement, a dancefloor is the perfect place for them to celebrate. It is so surprise that when the announcement was made that dancefloors were allowed at weddings for up to 40 guests, Tahlia and Josh were pretty ecstatic their wedding made the cut! 

Captured by @nm_photo

10. Our New Outdoor Dining Space

Maleny Manor Outdoor Dining

"One of our favourite Maleny Manor moments of 2020 was revealing the new alfresco dining space. An exciting venture bringing your outdoor soiree visions to life!⁠"- Lovebird Weddings

Captured by

11. Kyara's Power-suit Bridal Party

kyara & Ben | 23.10.2020

"My final Maleny Manor Top 20 mention ~ KYARA + BEN 🖤
There were so many moments and details that blew us away during this wedding day... including the breathtaking circular floral arbour by the amazing Mondo, meaningful aisle music that was mixed and perfectly timed by Aaron from Cutarudj and heartfelt personally written vows... but something that was very different from any other wedding that I officiated in 2020, was the styling of the smokin hot bride tribe in suits! Check them out 🔥🔥🔥
Kyara swapped her dress out for a comfortable suit once all the formalities had taken place. I just love the idea of having two amazing things to wear on your wedding day💙 "- Brooke Carlyon

Captured by @benandhopephotography

12. Kate's Bridal Glam

kate & Nick | 06.09.2020

"One of the highlights when styling hair for our brides is applying those all important finishing touches. It's a special time where we get to look closely at the magic that we have created and the delighted look on our brides face when they see their finished style for the first time ✨ Kate's wedding at @malenymanor was certainly a highlight of 2020 for us. Such a beautiful day!" - Evalyn Parsons

Captured by @lukemiddlemissphotography

13. Karissa's Surprise for Brad 

karissa & bradley | 10.09.2020

Generally, making a grand entrance on your wedding day is reserved for the bride. Not for Brad, though! 

Karissa, Brad's beautiful bride, organised a surprise helicopter flight for Brad and his groomsmen just before the ceremony. Flying over the hinterland to enjoy a pre-ceremony beer in Flaxton, before returning in time. 

Captured by @sodaphotography_

14. Dave's Reaction to Jaimee

jaimee & dave | 24.07.2020

"Although "first look" photo sessions are growing in popularity, plenty of my couples still choose to save that special moment for the walk down the aisle. Looking at this pic, it's easy to see why! ♡
When Dave first saw Jaimee, it was a moment full of genuine surprise, joy, beauty, love and excitement.
Luke captured that raw emotion of Dave's adoring gaze just perfectly.
There were lots of moments in this ceremony that I will remember forever but this one is especially memorable and is one on my #malenymanortop20
🖤My advice for couples ~ whatever happens on your day, just be yourself and be real. That way you’ll enjoy what will be one of the most important days of your life.🖤 " - Brooke Carlyon

Captured by @lukemiddlemissphotography

15. Katie & Linc's Surprise Elopement

katie & linc | 18.06.2020

"This has to be one of my favourite moments captured from this year. This was taken just as we were wrapping up the portraits when Linc’s Mum called and he got to tell her that he had just gotten married. The moment was special for a whole bunch of reasons - those being that Katie and Linc had kept their elopement secret, that they got married in and amongst crazy COVID times and went ahead with it no matter what because they just loved each other too darn much. This is what love is." - Tay & Francis 

Captured by @tayandfrancis

16. Kristina and James' Reception Under the Stars

kristina & james | 04.12.2020

In May, we had to make the difficult decision to remove our spiral staircases, but in their place we have a brand new outdoor dining space!

It was so incredible to have our first few receptions on the Upper Lawn and see this space in full swing for Kristina and James' intimate wedding. Glittering festoons, coastal views and long table dining was just so dreamy and definitely a highlight of 2020 for the Maleny Manor team. 

Captured by @fontainephoto_

17. Molly & Daniel, finally married!

molly & daniel | 01.12.2020

Professional images to come

"I feel incredibly blessed to have been part of many weddings at the Manor this year, but there is one couple and wedding that come to mind due to the heartache of them being separated right up until just recently...

Due to coronavirus and the alternate universe we found ourselves in, Dan was out at sea on the other side of the world, moving from ship to ship and port to port frantically trying to get home to his lady and their impending nuptials. With many stop and starts, he finally made it back a couple of months ago to marry the love of his life on their second chosen date of 1.12.20...

Molly is also crew on board ships as a professional dancer, hence how they met - but their relationship for the past 6 yrs has been a timeline of goodbyes, heartaches, hello’s and butterflies with not always being posted on the same ship. With each passing day through that time, when they were apart they longed to be together and when together, never wanted to let go.

On their wedding day, they clung to the other, enjoying the surreal surrounds of what the glorious Manor offered them. So much romance!" - Sommer Saunders

Captured by @tennillefinkphotography  

18. Riana's Bold Aisle Walk

Riana & will | 17.01.2020

"Beautiful R, looking majestic in her @j.andreatta_ gown.
Watching this bold woman walk independently from the main house to her helipad ceremony was truly one of my most memorable moments from 2020. The juxtaposition of her assertiveness as a modern bride, mixed with the femininity of her gown, florals and personality was a really touching moment, and such a beautiful blend of softness and strength.
In a civil ceremony, there really is no rule as to how either of the marrying couple choose to enter their ceremony. Whether it's independently, or with a parent, or a pet, or even arriving together with your partner, take the time to really consider your options and make the choice based on your beliefs and priorities, rather than just automatically rollin' with tradition." - Beth, I Heart Ceremonies

Captured by @figtreepictures

19. Robyn & Andrew's First Dance

Robyn & andrew | 21.03.2020

"Robyn 🖤 Andrew "We can't thank G&M enough for making our day go so beautifully in spite of all the craziness, it wouldn't have been the same without any of you xx!"⁠ "- GM Event Group

Captured by @graemepassmore

20. Brionie & Travis' Heart Warming Ceremony

brionie & travis | 01.11.2020

"So many favourite Maleny Manor moments ... this line in Travis's personal vows is just one of my favs.
Travis ... "What I didn’t think was achievable alone, we have accomplished together".
Marriage is a commitment to the partnership and it is so much more than what's written on a piece of paper, but that piece of paper, it makes all the difference. "- Margarita - Get Married in QLD

Captured by @artographyweddings

The History of Maleny Manor

The Vision

Dianne Weedon, was a young and ambitious 23-year-old who graduated in Home Economics and moved to the Gold Coast to start her career as Catering Manager at Seaworld Resort. With a dream to travel the world and learn more about the hospitality industry, Dianne was the first Australian student to be granted a place at the renowned Cordon Bleu School in Paris. In her travels around France and Europe she quickly became intrigued by ‘home away from home establishments’ – offering luxurious accommodation, impeccable and personalised attention and a fine fare dining experience.


Despite significant difficulties, Dianne's passion for hospitality never faltered, wishing to create Australia’s most exclusive guesthouse.


The Planning

Taking a drive with friends one day, Dianne found herself in the small village of Maleny - the idyllic setting she had always envisioned. Deciding on the location was one thing, finding a site that fulfilled the specific requirements would be another. Months later, Dianne inspected a 30 acre property on Maleny Road and began to envision where the house would stand, the placement of the gardens, tennis court and pool.


Next was to find an architect to take the vision to paper. The brief that was given to Frank Raadschelders, a local Sunshine Coast Architect, was to create a building to externally reflect the elements of the Federation and Queensland Vernacular styles, show romantic traces reminiscent of the smaller rural French chateau, perhaps a hint at the spirit of a Swiss chalet, yet to be uniquely appropriate to the terrain. 

Every detail was considered during the design of the building, from consideration of the climate; to the pitch of the roof and dormer windows; to the private balconies allowing guests to take in the ocean views.


The Build

Wanting to be apart of her vision, Dianne was the onsite Project Manager, however not many builders were prepared to allow this supervisory responsibility, or the freedom to select her own sub-contractors. Local builder, David Wilson, was not only excited about the project and working alongside Dianne, but was a craftsman to whom the word ‘compromise’ did not exist.


The Beginning

After two years, Dianne Weedon opened the doors to Maleny Manor in August 1989 as Australia’s most exclusive guesthouse. Complete with six ensuited accommodation suites, two dining rooms, state of the art kitchen, ceiling hung open fireplace, sauna and indoor Jacuzzi, as well as outdoor swimming pool, tennis court and manicured gardens. The ‘all inclusive’ price per night included all meals prepared by Dianne herself, free flowing beverages from the cellar and bar, as well as a high level of customer service.




Thirty one years on and Maleny Manor’s door are still open and welcoming guests to the stunning private property. While the grounds and building have seen some additions over the years, and the exterior shade of blue to a classic white, Maleny Manor is proud to be one of the first private wedding and events venue on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and continues to be an industry leader providing all of the core requirements that Dianne envisioned for her exclusive guesthouse -  luxurious venue, personalised service with impeccable attention to detail and a fine fare dining experience.


Credit to Queensland Homes Summer 1990 ‘The Making of the Manor’ for facts and information listed within this article and images

Eliza & Luke- 25.10.2019

Eliza & Luke Wedding Ceremony

I think we just died and went to floral heaven…

Eliza and Luke had an eye for detail and each element of their wedding was seamless. The Grooms party enjoyed Scotch Whiskey and cards off site, before arriving at Maleny Manor for the ceremony on the Helipad. Meanwhile, Eliza spent the morning with her ladies in the Loft, celebrating with bubbles and Swarovski jewellery. 

Each wedding is so different at Maleny Manor and our team are always so excited to see what Mondo Floral Designs create for our couple’s special day. Eliza and Luke’s wedding blew us away. With an circular-arbour and decadent, contemporary floral arrangements, the couple’s ceremony was one to remember. 

Eliza and Luke’s reception was held on our lawn in a clear marquee, styled with modern, refined elegance by Lovebird Styling.

Congratulations Eliza & Luke!

Images by Janneke Storm
Florals – Mondo Floral Designs
Styling & Décor – Lovebird Weddings
Hair – Evalyn Parsons
Makeup – Serena Wyllie Makeup
Gown – Pallas Couture
Marquee – Events in Tents 

Robyn & Andrew- 21.03.2020

Robyn & Andrew Wedding Image

Robyn & Andrew tied the knot on a cool March day at Maleny Manor, on the last weekend before COVID-19 meant we could no longer host weddings.

The couple hosted their ceremony under the Crows Ash Tree with a Ring-Arbour and fuchsia pops of colour. Can we just take a moment to appreciate Robyn’s stunning dress? 

While they had originally planned to celebrate their reception inside the Manor, restrictions meant last minute changes to their numbers and reception location.  Andrew had always hoped for a reception in the Pavilion, low and behold this was the setting for their evening. 

We can’t help but love Robyn & Andrew’s fun little touches that made their wedding day so unique to them- including Game of Thrones themed table numbers. Oh, you’re not seeing things, Andrew brought his Scottish heritage into their wedding with a kilt.

Congratulations, Robyn & Andrew!


Photographer Graeme Passmore
Celebrant Erin Woodhall
Florals Mondo Floral Designs
Styling Lovebird Styling
Makeup & Makeup Backstage Beauty
Music G&M Entertainment
Cake Zoe Clark Cakes

Paddington Weddings Bridal Designs Launch

Bridal Gown Inspiration Maleny Manor
Renowned bridal house Paddington Weddings launched their new collection as part of the Bertossi Brides Label at Maleny Manor, with a stellar team of creatives who added their touches to the day.
'The collection offers clean lines with a timeless, classic silhouette for todays modern bride', Designer and brand owner, Anne Bertossi as she excitedly speaks about the new collection.  Each gown is individually created by the Paddington Weddings team of talented curators, hand made for each of their clients in their studio in Brisbane. Anne sources the highest quality fabrics and European laces abroad and new offering from the Bertossi Brides label range offers affordable, yet luxurious gowns for brides all over Australia. To create this amazing shoot, Anne selected some of the Sunshine Coast's industries leaders including Mondo Floral Designs creating wedding bouquets, hair flowers and an incredible floral ring. ‘I wanted to accent the colours of the sky through the florals, so we designed the concept with peach, apricot, mid pink, and burnt apricot tones, with a pop of focal with the divine King Protea and of course the gorgeous peach Phalaenopsis orchids', Terrianne Foale, Director and lead floral designer.    Wedding hair stylist, Evalyn Parsons, along with Kate Ellen Make Up Artistry created a soft and feminine style to compliment the stunning gowns, with the images on the day captured by the incredibly talents Liz James from Soda Photography. With her perfect eye behind the lens, Liz has a soft spot for Maleny Manor, 'I’m lucky enough to get to shoot at the Manor fairly often… it is honestly a photographer’s dream location! The thing I love about Maleny Manor is that there is something different to work with and eye catching each time I am there. It’s one of those special locations that is amazing year round'. 
This collaboration was a wonderful day for all and Anne Bertossi and her team at Paddington Weddings are excited to welcome all their upcoming brides to view the new collection.  
Gowns: Paddington Weddings  Photographer: Soda Photography Venue: Maleny Manor Flowers: Mondo Floral Designs Hair: Evalyn Parsons Makeup: Kate Ellen Makeup Artistry

Summer Sunset

The Sunshine Coast is one of Australia’s most loved destinations, with stretches of coastline from Caloundra to Noosa, paired with the mountainous range of the hinterland boasting rainforests and national parks. Our recent styled shoot was all about the Sunshine Coast Summer – relaxed outdoor dining. 

Our style team of Lovebird Weddings and Mondo Floral Design created a playful summer alfresco outdoor wedding dream. Beginning in The Pavilion with an outdoor ceremony, then wandering to The Helipad for drinks and canapés at sunset. For the reception an exceptional outdoor dining experience in front of the Manor taking in the sweeping views and evening lights of the Sunshine Coast coastline.

Think ‘contemporary fresh’. Hints of soft muted mustard, honey and amber, toffee roses, cappuccino tones with pops of lemon, paired with soft linens . Wild winsome poppies, bold skies, fresh cuisine and clinking glasses in toasts of love.

Amber tones shining through the coming season with luxury amber glassware from Table for Louis, along with Noritake raised rim dinnerware and gold cutlery. Bamboo chairs add a relaxed coastal style or choose the white bentwoods for a more classic style. Finished with rich mustard linen napkins and sophisticated menus, with custom place card wrap from Bluebird Invitations.

All this under festoon lighting with the backdrop of Maleny Manor, Noosa and Mt Coolum on the coastline.


Stylist: Lovebird Weddings
Florist: Mondo Floral Designs
Photographer: Calli B Photographer
Venue: Maleny Manor
Videographer: Anchored Cinema
Wedding Gowns: George Wu Design
Mens Wear: Mitchell Ogilvie
Sleepwear: Piyama sleepwear
Jewellery: Poeta Jewellery
Hair Stylist: Evalyn Parsons Hair
Make Up: Tasleema Nigh
Models: Que Models
Invitations: Bluebird Invitations
Wedding Cakes: Zoe Clark Cakes
Tableware: Table for Louis
Gelato Bike: Dolciandco
The Beach House: Private home