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Maleny Manor Family

Testimonial from a beautiful couple who became a part of our Maleny Manor Family over the course of booking , planning, visits and many laughs, confidences and moments shared.

Hello gorgeous family,

We have been thinking of you every day, as we have recounted our memories of the day and basked in the compliments from friends and family. The day was more than I could have ever dreamed of, I could not have IMAGINED it could go that well.
Eve, Marlene – you guys are an absolute powerhouse. You are so calm, yet so across everything and experienced, walking into the Manor at 11am was such a relief because I knew from then on in everything would just be handled. Your team is so friendly and helpful – down to putting stickers on boxes (thank you Ayla) and fluffing silk!!
You can’t put a value a team like yours that just deeply cares – it must be such a dream to work for MM, because your staff exude happiness, professionalism and kindness and that doesn’t come easily in any organisation. You guys should write a book on management (I would love to know your secret – I have a feeling a big part of it is love!).
Getting ready, nothing was too much trouble for Liz – even during the night, when she so subtley and helpfully ushered me away to pin up my torn bustle and then whisked me back like nothing had happened – just like a fourth bridesmaid and old friend. Thank you Liz!!
Dakota – what a force to be reckoned with. You had such a big smile on your face and obviously have so much fun with what you do, but you are so precise and always thinking ahead! Everything ran like clockwork, despite quite a few surprise additions to the schedule as planned by Lorenzo’s family. My favourite memory of you on the night Dakota is you smiling and bopping to the music while you brought over my tossing bouquet – just genuinely enjoying what you do.
Then the morning after was such a pleasure – everything was gathered and ready to go. What an absolute dream. ALSO I almost forgot – having those pics you took and then having them rolling!! Ingenius!! Everyone loved seeing the gorgeous pics of themselves, and we have some great pics of everyone!! There are also a few great shots of Dad and his bestie Bob which I LOVE – invaluable memories of those two. How can I thank you.
And another thing (I need a list) the recommendation of Artography – what an absolute team and a half, thank you so much. I loved their friendliness, efficiency and artistic eye – holy dooley I couldnt even believe half the photos were us!! Your driveway was also an amazing spot for pics, such variety on your grounds for all types of pics!! What a beautifully kept and designed venue you have.
Long story short, I could not imagine getting married anywhere else with anyone else, and I cant sing your praises enough. I am looking forward to giving you a call on my return (what will I do with all my free time, after continuous visitors for 2 months and wedding I dont even know what that is!!) and Marlene, your kind words about keeping in touch, dont worry we will!! You will probably see Dad and Mum around and about Maleny in any case!! They also can’t believe the experience we had, and are so grateful that our friends and family were taken care of so exceptionally well.

Ok I will stop blathering on, I could write all day – but I’ve attached a few pics and when Artography’s full package comes through we will work out an efficient way to get some to you for you to see and use if you’d like. Im also looking forward to completing our review for you as well, an amazing business deserves to be known and there is no doubt in my mind that you should win 7 more best venues in a row!!

Talk to you soon xx
September 2018

Maleny Manor WeddingMaleny Manor WeddingMaleny Manor WeddingMaleny Manor WeddingMaleny Manor WeddingMaleny Manor Wedding

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