Corporate Seafood Extravaganza

Take your clients and staff to the edge of possible and make it happen!…Corporate Seafood Extravaganza to treat your top executives in style, celebrate a fabulous year or to seal the deal.

Fly in over the ocean and the Glasshouse Mountains to the fabulous private location of Maleny Manor in it’s own private valley looking out to Mt Coolum and Noosa.Pickups can be arranged or you may have a charter from Brisbane.

Enjoy a sumptuous feast and talk in total privacy about your next campaign, after a successful day, fly to Noosa, Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

It is the prefect way to wow your clients!

On a midweek escape to the mountains out of the city, to take in all the lush green scenery and the excitment of a chopper ride over the Baroon Pocket Gorge if you wish to get the adrenaline really going.



FIYO Corporate Seafood Extravaganza Maleny Manor

Queensland Wedding Venue Australia FIYO Corporate Seafood Extravaganza

FIYO Corporate Seafood Extravaganza

Australia’s No 1 Wedding Venue

Maleny Manor is a unique Queensland Wedding Venue , affectionately known as the most loved wedding venue in Australia after being voted Australia’s No 1 Wedding Venue 8 consecutive years.
Discover the unsurpassed and dedicated team that are Award Winning Maleny Manor. Known for the extra love and care in service,outstanding menu’s, style and then of course the location,location,location. A special micro climate tucked out of the winds in a secluded wonderland that is on the edge of an ancient rainforest valley with it’s own resident eagles soaring high above the views all the way to the ocean beyond.

Voted Best Ceremony Wedding Venue In Australia 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015,2017, 2018 and 2019, delivering truly personal signature weddings in your private estate venue.

Voted Number 1 Reception Venue in Australia 2016 with attention to detail, outstanding service and glorious food in a wide array from degustation to wedding festival .

Adding the love and quality where you know you can totally relax and enjoy your day with a genuine group of people caring for your every need.

Maleny Manor is located at the wedding gateway to the Hinterland in Maleny and is in close proximity to Noosa, Montville, Woodford, the beaches of Caloundra and the renowned Glasshouse Mountains of the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.

Maleny Manor is a secluded private wedding venue estate offering stunning hinterland and ocean views, elegant Manor house reception room and boutique accommodation . A glorious pavilion graces the edge of the escapement to the view of Mt Coolum and Noosa ,the Manor is ringed by rainforest and has its own lake and vineyards and is crowned by the century year old wedding tree. With a team of national award winning coordinators dedicated to local, interstate and international clients makes planning and your day an enjoyable experience. You can tell by the awards and reviews that they do things and treat people, just that little bit differently.

Totally yours for private elopements , small intimate weddings, festival weddings, to large lavish wedding events with a focus on quality service ,food ,beverage and client happiness. A family team that is dedicated to love ,care and understanding.

Service you desire. Cuisine to create lasting memories. Scenery to inspire. True excellence.

Queensland Wedding Venue

Australia's No 1 Wedding Venue

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Don’t sweat the small stuff

“It is really not worth the energy when you could be laughing,kissing or dancing instead”

The whole day from start to finish was everything we could have hoped for, but the ceremony itself was a complete highlight. As soon as I got to the end of the aisle and held Evan’s hands suddenly everything just felt right and all my nerves were gone! As the ceremony started, we both started looking at each other saying “What do we do now? Do we just stand here and look at each other?” It was so funny and we couldn’t stop laughing, which is how we then spent the rest of the day!

Don’t sweat the small stuff. That’s something Evan says all the time, and it was especially true with wedding planning. Everyone has that relative you’re worried about inviting; something will get forgotten; the speeches will run over time and the centrepieces won’t be exactly as you pictured. But on the day, it just doesn’t matter and you won’t even notice. And if you do notice, laugh it off, it’s really not worth the energy when you could be laughing, kissing or dancing instead!

Maleny Manor are amazing. I was extremely grateful to Marlene for the photos she captured. Not only did she get a photo of nearly every guest as they arrived, but she also captured some beautiful moments with my Dad and I just before we walked down the aisle. Our photographer was already outside, getting ready for the ceremony at that point, and I was grateful to have a record of this moment that would have otherwise been missed.
Beyond that though everyone at the Manor just goes above and beyond what you would expect. Before the ceremony, Amy showed us how to hold our bouquets, stuffed a perfectly folded tissue in my hand when I suddenly panicked about my leaky eyes, and guided us out with perfect timing. When we were out taking photos in the vineyard, one of the waiters very patiently waited with a tray full of drinks for the bridal party until we were ready. During the reception, we never had an empty glass, with the staff being both completely invisible and yet present whenever you needed them. Nothing is ever too difficult for the Manor and their professionalism and passion for what they do is evident and highly respected. I could not fault them.


Once again, we cannot thank you enough for our amazing day!

Kind regards
Erin and Evan
A Very happy bride and groom!!!


Erin + Evan LoRes 0249



Erin + Evan LoRes 0342
Erin + Evan LoRes 0138

Small Wedding in Maleny


Wednesday ,Thursday and Sunday’s Winter and Summer for total elegance for a intimate booking?

Are you looking for a private small wedding in Maleny,with all the opulence of a large event but by special arrangement for 40 to 55 wedding guests in style perfect for Summer outside.

The Chandelier Wedding styling Package with all the glamour you could imagine for a small wedding in Maleny, created so you can book a large exclusive, private venue with a lessor number of guests for your exclusive small wedding.

It is now possible if you wish to escape to the privacy of the Hinterland with a smaller group midweek, Sunday’s Summer and Winter or last dates within a 6 month booking timeframe.

Small Wedding In MalenySummer time with an outdoors reception…the breeze is drifting in from the valley, looking out over the Sunshine Coast and you and your guests are seated under our exclusive chandelier wedding styling in your own outdoor room.

Or in winter have your ceremony under sparkling Chandeliers and your tables inside by the fire but with that same view from the reception room.

Does this sound like a perfect solution for your intimate gathering? with all the opulence and style you could wish for but with those closest to you in the most enchanting setting.

The exclusive styling and floral designs in the pavilion are standard in this Chandelier package by Mondo Floral Designs and Lovebird Weddings . The Bride did upgrade to garden games,lounges and high bars out on the lawn for the garden party event plus adding her love of fairy lights and the chiffon drop of pink for the table centers and you may want to add your personal extras in your vision also.

Small Wedding In MalenyWe have found the demand is high for smaller wedding parties midweek so you can escape to Maleny and Montville and enjoy it’s charms without the crowds.This is for intimate gatherings for 40 to 55 Wednesdays or Thursdays Summer and Autumn. By special arrangement Sundays or Fridays in Summer and any last dates 6 months out from your booking date.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column]

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Al Fresco Autumn

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Al Fresco Autumn Wedding Inspiration

Dreaming of a wedding under the stars al fresco autumn style…watching the sun go down over the Sunshine Coast from your own private secluded wedding valley of love with our fabulous Autumn sunsets and rich gold vessels filled with lush blooms or rich reds. Perfect for opulent cocktail party vibes or exquisite share fare feasts.Get dressed up enjoy the lush environment while dining in style but being able to slip off the heals and run your feet over the grass under the table.

Al Fresco Autumn is the perfect time of year for magical mountain sunsets, perfect photo shoots and blissful love.

Create the day you wish for using Mondo Floral Design ,Love Bird Wedding stylists and the Manor team.


Calli B Photography, Sunshine Coast wedding photographer

Calli B Photography, Sunshine Coast wedding photographer

Calli B Photography, Sunshine Coast wedding photographer

Calli B Photography, Sunshine Coast wedding photographer

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Summer Lush and Verdant


Summer Showcase

Summer ,lush and verdant green..just perfect for the fashion parades at the Summer Showcase.

It is about nature,beauty and joy,take me outside sit in a green garden ,walking on a carpet of  velvet that is Maleny Manor . Surrounded by a valley of rainforest,let your imagination soar like the eagles drifting on the thermals out to the big bunya trees,and dream a floral dream or two…..

This is just a first peak into the day of love and style at the Hinterland Summer Showcase Weekend


Florals: Mondo Floral Design

Designer Gowns: Elizabeth de Varga Couture

Photographer: Calli B Photography

Hair: Hunt + Hair

MUA: Natalie Hunter Makeup Artist

Models : Mystic Models

Calli B Photography

Calli B Photography

Calli B PhotographyCalli B Photography