Your Hosts – Marlene and Simon Murray

Marlene Maleny Manor
Marlene, your Hostess and overall Manager, is a real people person with an eye for detail and decor.Loves life and living with a great laugh that you will hear ringing through the venue, a strong believer that weddings days should be the time of your life.

Marlene has the ability to make Brides and their families relax and enjoy the wedding planning and actual celebration day while overseeing the whole process.

You may need honest planning advice or just some simple nurturing on your wedding journey, Marlene is the person for this. She also leads one of the best teams in the country to amazing levels with professionalism, humility and loads of passion.

She is a leader in her industry having represented the Sunshine Coast on many panels , boards, tourism bodies and on a delegate to China. After 18 years of being able to adapt to the ever changing wedding industry and always being at the top of her game yes she is used to lots of phone calls and delivering talks for various groups and organisations.

Simon & Marlene Murray Maleny Manor

Simon is the leader of us all, the one where the buck stops and the one that takes everything in his stride, he is also a qualified chef and has been cooking professionally for over 20 years before morphing into our invincible GM.

He can smell a problem almost before it happens,is onto everything at once, a dab hand at infrastructure setup, building site manager, concept manager and everything a restaurant needs after so many fit outs. The king of keeping it real and wise advice a total wealth of knowledge.

Simon is the overall GM of Maleny Manor and Settlers Rise. He is the glue and the drive for all we do and has more energy than anyone else we know.

Also thankfully can jump into any position on staff and is great at handyman repairs to motivational talks,IT and budgets.

Meet The Chefs

Chef Dave has a wealth of experience with 3 years training in London and 3 more in Australia and ensures consistency every week at the Manor with fresh, quality ingredients and spectacular wedding cuisine.

Dave is from New Zealand specialising in Fresh seafood and proud enough to make sure quality combines with prompt, efficient meal service to impress your guests.Dave loves the Sunshine coast living with his beautiful family.

Dave makes dining at the Manor a fresh uplifting experience and unforgettable pleasure. Wedding food not as you know it but a dining delight.

David is New Zealand born and left for London at the age of 19 to pursue a career as a chef. Upon completing his formal training, he travelled extensively through Europe,Mexico,Central and South America always eating where the locals ate and learning as much as he could about their cuisine.

“Now I ride my motorcycle to the most picturesque part of South East Queensland to the best working environment a chef could ask for.Very proud to be a part of the most awarded wedding venue in Australia”

Raynor is the latest edition to the Maleny Manor gastronomic engineering team.

Following his trying at Ryde College in Sydney, the southern hemisphere’s most acclaimed cookery college,Raynor worked in several Restaurants across Australia. His European heritage is reflected in his palate for fresh, colourful,life affirming food, inspired by the riches of nature.



Paul was classically trained in French and Italian Cuisine before working at the original Darley St Thai in Sydney in 1990. His love affair with Thai cooking started here and led him to travel to Thailand regularly and eventually saw him running residential cooking schools at Koh Samui in the gulf of Thailand. After opening Chilli Jam Cafe in Noosa in 1994, Paul and his partner opens The Tamarind in 200 in Maleny and it was not long before it was featured is such magazines as Gourmet Traveller, Vogue Entertaining and Travel and Cuisine.

Paul continues to travel to Thailand every year teaching,reseaching and refining his knowledge for Thai food. His passion for and knowledge of this wonderful cuisine is extensive and inspiring

Our Team

Our fabulous smiling team is always here to help you delivering beautiful experiences is what we are known for.

Our coordinators help with prior planning and assist on your day so you can relax…yes really relax!!!

Eve and Amy have the ability to make your guests feel at ease, while ensuring your function runs smoothly and professionally. They add the love and the care to your planning which is available to every bride who chooses Maleny Manor.

Our floor team is trained in the unique Maleny Manor style and everyone from Fletcher in the bar to the cleaners and our changeover crew are there to help you.

Maleny Manor Team
Maleny Manor